Event Locations

Directions to Sandyland, in Pleasant Valley
On 395 South. The ranch is 4 miles past the Mt. Rose intersection on the east side of 395 (left) just past the entrance to our hay yard you will see a guard rail and the entrance is just past the guard rail on the left, it looks like you are pulling into a pasture and you are!! If you are coming from Washoe Valley or farther south the entrance will be just past Laramie Drive on your right. It is a very tight turn and narrow entrance coming from the South so be careful. If you have a long rig you may want to go up to Ames Lane turn around and come back to it.  “NO DOGS PLEASE”

Directions to Winnemucca Ranch
Take Pyramid Hwy north to Winnemucca Ranch Rd. It’s about a half mile before the mustang facility. Stay on road about fourteen miles.

Rancharrah Address
6001 Talbot Lane, Reno, NV