Welcome to High Desert Team Penning/Sorting Association!

Our goal is to provide a family oriented, friendly, competitive atmosphere for everyone. Team penning and ranch sorting are the fastest growing equestrian sports and offer competition for every riding ability. We compete and/or practice on cattle about once a month. If you are new to penning and sorting, please check out our Penning and Sorting sections for more information.

Please contact HDTPA at HDTPA.reno@gmail.com with any questions!

Classes for Everyone!

55% of entry fees returned to winning teams!
OPEN – $25 per go – 4 go limit
PROAMNOV (pennings only) $20 per go.
#8 Team Handicap (sortings only)- $20 per go – 4 go limit
DRAW $15 per go #10 team handicap (sorting only)
Jr’s $10 per go
NOV $15 per go

Mike Goo Photography
Event Photo’s
Website: saskatoon.zenfolio.com
Cell – 775-313-5587